The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding
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Danko Puskaric"Danko Puskaric is one of only a handful of Croatian freeriders who spend more than a hundred days on the snow each year, mostly in search of fresh and untouched powder. Danko skiing and snowboarding for many years. After exposing himself on a daily basis to the many dangers posed by winter sports, this book has came about as a response to the numerous questions and great confusion surrounding skiing, to which skiers cannot find answers anywhere else. For the remaining 260 days of the year, Danko is actively involved in sports, always striving to achieve bigger and better goals."

"Danko is a professor of physics, whilst spending his working time as both a member of the state examination committee for snowboard instructors, a snowboard demonstrator, and an organiser of many snowboard events such as classes and competitions. He is currently competing in some of the most dangerous freeride competitions."

Danko in action

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I am very excited at the thought of the results and knowledge that you’ll gain by reading this book.

To all your future skiing seasons;
Danko Puskaric
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